I used to write FanFiction when I was younger. Funny thing is… you will never find any of them. My PenName will never be revealed. Ever.

Now I have three literary projects going on. One is academical and it’s related to my studies. It’s title is: Li-Fi, Data Transferring through Visible Light. In it I ELI5 how this works, it’s advantages, it’s disadvantages, and everything else related to that. 35 Pages nothing too fancy.

To be published: 31.08.2015 @ Hochschule Furtwangen Campus Schwenningen Library

Then I am writing two books:

1. “Learning German in 7 (rather hard) steps” Made for¬†Spanish Speakers, I explain the method I used to learn to speak this horrible (but awesome) language. Little grammar, lots of practice. Check inside.

2. “Learning Spanish in 7 (rather easy) steps”¬†Made for German speakers, I tell the store of how I taught Spanish to all my German ex girlfriends, and why I can teach it to you too.

Both of them will be published together sometime at the end of 2017. Both of them will be published as eBooks and be given away online for free. Series of explainatory videos about it might also come post-publishing.

I will be blogging about the last two in the summer holidays for sure :).