My passion is Video Games.

Passion?. People didn’t understand that before. Ten years ago when I played Call of Duty at saturday night with my friends at the Internet Cafe around the corner, people thought I should be at a club dancing and getting drunk, and not “wasting my time” with those fool video games. Outrageous right?

Nowadays things have completely changed:

– Call of duty has become shit (after CoD 5, it went downhill completely).

– eSports finally blew up and now everyone getting hyped and watching them on

– Video Games are making more money than Movies and Music together.

– There are leagues with┬ámillions of dollars in Prize Money

– There are real clubs, and people playing video games professionally and semi professionally.

This hasn’t grown that much in Argentina yet though… but me and some people who really trusts this should be the case will make it happen.